In 2017 I started CC Aerial Solutions concentrating on providing Aerial photo & video services. 
Since then during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic obviously drones could not be flown, so I started venturing back out with the hand held camera and started taking photos of local areas during my daily exercise.
Posted a few photos online only to find people really enjoyed seeing the local places from the ground and not just the air again.  Various people messaged about buying prints and canvases so I made a decision to combine the aerial business and form Mark Champion Media to cover all angles as it were.
Currently fly the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and recently purchased the DJI Mini 2
Ground based footage and photos I use the Nikon D800 for stills and the Panasonic GH5 & Osmo Mobile for 4K stabilised video.
These combined give me the best flexibility without having to carry large equipment around as this can all be carried in a couple of rucksacks.
A2 CofC holder as of the 3rd March 2021 – This paired with the Mini 2 drone above will allow for flights to be conducted in places that would have otherwise been impossible or extremely difficult to organise/plan.